Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Rice fields and the harvest

 Rice is a major crop on Bohol Island. They dry the rice on the roads in front of their homes or on the Barangay's basketball court. Sometimes chickens find the rice and have a feast. Usually the rice is drying on tarps but sometimes they just lay it on the bare ground. People walk on it and sometimes even a motor will drive over it. The rice fields in this area are not on very big slopes. The fields are just slightly terraced. We often saw children playing, people harvesting, and people drying the rice and getting it ready for market. There was also lots of coconuts on the roads drying.
Children playing in the fields

Rice growing near some chocolate hills.

Harvesters finishing up for the day

Working in the fields

Using wooden rakes to spread out the rice

Rice on the basketball court drying

Carabao finished working for the day

Coconut drying on the road

Coconuts drying

Nipa huts sitting on the edge of the rice field

Cemetery on the edge of rice field

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